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bless you joker

you guys missed the point of this monologue. the Joker is a psychotic mass-murderer that repeatedly attempts to blow up or generally destroy the city of Gotham root and branch. He’s saying that he won’t really be punished for THOSE crimes, but TAX EVASION (not paying your shake-down money to the government) WILL get him thrown away for life without a chance of getting out. Essentially, I can murder all the people I want but the second I try to cheat the government outta their shake-down money they’ll take me down.

This REEKS of political undertones. As does a TON of media that people are too thick to realize. Writers put this sorta thing into just about everything they do, but they do it low-key enough that it can’t be taken as treasonous only fictional and comical.

This also reminds me a Al Capone. The only time he was incarcerated for more than a week was due to tax evasion. Everyone knew he was responsible for tons of felonies, but he kept everything so well managed that none of the crimes he committed (or had others commit) could be tied to him. At the end of it all, his deeds were well known, but the only reason he went to jail was tax evasion.

lesson learned, pay your taxes

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Anonymous asked:

I kind of wish that in Order of the Phoenix (the movie), after Sirius' death , they would have showed the part where Harry completely breaks down and screams at Dumbledore and begins throwing stuff. That part really really gets to me and makes me cry when it says that Harry sees a tear trickle down into Dumbledore's beard omfg


Literally me. Angry!Harry means so much to me because it really rounds him out as a character. We see him as kind, we see him as a smartbehind, we see him as passive aggressive, we see him as somewhat stoic for the sake of everyone else. OotP for me is the “It’s about time” book because my baby NEEDED to get his pent up aggression out, he can’t run around bottling it up for the sake of seeming superhuman all the time. He needed to live for himself for a change, Dumbledore’s office be damned.


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